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June Charity of the Month: Starlings Community
Charity of the Month: Starlings Community

browseYYC Seller Membership

Selling on browseYYC is $39.99/month.  You will be charged automatically each month unless you cancel.  We take no commission on sales but do charge transaction fees to cover our costs.  Currently, these fees are 3.2% -- most of that is to cover the transaction fees for processing the customer's credit card; the remainder is to cover the cost of our transaction fees to pay out sellers.

As browseYYC grows, we can negotiate down our transaction rates, and get them as low as 2.4%!

Once you sign up, there is a 3 month minimum committment -- getting you set up on browseYYC is a mutual investment, and it takes time to mature into something valuable.

Questions about your seller membership?  Please review our Seller Info Sheet.
If you haven't already done so, please also fill out our Seller Application Form.