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August Charity of the Month: Calgary Food Bank
Charity of the Month: Calgary Food Bank

Sell with Us

Since COVID has changed how people shop, a lack of foot traffic has been a serious issue facing retailers across the city.  Even before COVID, retailers were in challenging times as more and more people moved their shopping online. In my work as a Shopify expert, I've helped countless retailers move to eCommerce -- but once online, they all face the same challenge -- competing with Amazon. 

I've talked to hundreds of people who shop on Amazon frequently, and the conclusive explanation for that choice was "convenience".  Amazon provides 1 website, with everything they need, and stuff magically shows up on their doorstep in a few days.  In our move to get retailers online, we are giving customers everything they need online, locally -- but it's spread out over 1000 different websites, rather than just 1.  Meaning, even online, businesses still are not offering that "amazon level" convenience.

Hence my platform -- I can connect to the eCommerce shops of sellers around the city, sync in their inventory, and make it easy for customers to search, find, and buy what they need.  We're partnering with local delivery providers to offer sellers and shoppers competitive rates on delivery city-wide.   It truly will be Amazon-level convenience, but local.

In addition, browseYYC has a tech team developing extensive features on the platform that most retailers couldn't implement on their own -- Android/iPhone apps, a Gift Registry feature, Subscription options for consumable products, and so on.  We have 3 people on our marketing team who will be working hard to get traffic to the site and get sellers a quick return on investment.

I hope you'll consider joining the browseYYC team -- check out our FAQs page for more info, and let me know if you have any questions! You can contact me at, or book a time to chat via Zoom.

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