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August Charity of the Month: Calgary Food Bank
Charity of the Month: Calgary Food Bank

Marketing Strategies

browseYYC and browseYEG are a new way to shop local businesses, online, with Amazon-level convenience. But you may be wondering how we will get the customers to our sites.

Our plan to drive traffic to our site is multi-pronged, based on years of experience helping merchants be successful in eCommerce:

- Public relations: we have signed up for a 3 month contract (open to extension) with a public relations company to help us get word out about the site. The purpose of that is two-fold 1) to get businesses signing up 2) to build some hype for future shoppers. Future shoppers can already sign up for wait lists via e-mail and Messenger to be notified when we open.

- Social Media Ads: We will begin running ads very soon on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram to begin building the aforementioned wait list. Once the website opens, we'll be doing extensive remarketing campaigns to get people coming back to the site. Ad spend is going to fluctuate based on the number of businesses pooling their funds via a membership. Meagan, our ads consultant is ready to work for us as much as we need her. 

- Referral/Influencer marketing: We're also going to be launching a influencer/referral campaign whereby people can give their friends $5 and get $5 when those friends make a purchase. Those $5 credits are at browse's expense, of course. Liz, our social media wizard, is working on sourcing out a list of influencers as we speak, and offering them this link. A business signing up for a membership counts as a "purchase". Influencers we're connecting with are on WhatsApp, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. On a related note, once you sign up for a seller membership, you can join our referral program as well in which case, you can get credits for each business that signs up using your referral link! Seller referrals are $15 in credits!

- SEO: We have a SEO Consultant on the team, Michelle, who we call our Google-wrangler. The site is constructed according to best practices with SEO in mind. We'll also be working on blog content optimized for search engine keywords.

- Social media content: As browseYYC and browseYEG are onboarding sellers, we'll be promoting their business and their items, as well as doing weekly "curated" collections of items cross-seller for each city's sellers. Liz is excellent at producing high quality, shareable images for social media.

Each month sellers will be sent details on our ad spend, social media progress, and site traffic as recorded from Google Analytics. We see sellers as "investors" and everyone will be kept in the loop of our operations. Seller-specific reports on traffic to specific seller pages & products will be available upon request (they're time-intensive to generate, but we'll do it when/if a seller asks us to!)