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Now Supporting Calgary Food Bank


Find the answer to commonly asked questions


How do browseYYC and browseYEG work?

Why is it important to purchase from local businesses?

What makes this different from other 'shop local' types of initiatives?


What does it cost and is there a minimum contract length?

Do businesses need to manage inventory?

What if I do (or don't!) already sell online?

Is there a limit on the type of businesses or products you list?

Is there certain criteria that needs to be met (ex: company size) ?

I've heard that Skip the Dishes has become a bad thing for restaurants -- it started out good but now their commission has gotten so high that restaurants can hardly continue on with them. How are browseYYC/browseYEG different?


What options are there for getting my stuff?

When will browseYYC and browseYEG open for shopping?

What is your return policy?

I love this place! How can I help build this platform and get my favorite local shops involved?