About Us

Calgary Shopping

browseYYC was created by two busy moms who faced a dilemma:

  • they wanted to shop at local businesses, but
  • found it inconvenient compared to online shopping.

When they realized they both had the desire to support local businesses but were deterred by the lack of convenience, they started talking to others and realized many felt the same way.  And the idea was born -- a place where consumers can support the local economy, while experiencing the convenience of online shopping. 

browseYYC is an online marketplace -- think of it as an online shopping mall, or an online farmers market (it's both, really).  Retail businesses, artisans, crafters -- anyone who sells things locally in the Calgary area -- can create a seller profile here (essentially a "booth" in the farmers market, or a shop in the mall).  When you purchase an item from browseYYC, you are purchasing directly from these sellers.  You can browse what they have available 24/7, from anywhere.  

browseYYC does not sell merchandise and we do not take a commission on sales.  We just provide the platform and community that makes this possible.

Now here's the cool part -- at a mall or farmers market, you have to browse store by store, booth by booth, looking for what you want.  You can shop that way at browseYYC too (see our "Shop by Seller" menu, above), or, you can make use of our search functionality.  For example, if you are searching for a black dress, type that in as your search term -- and you'll be able to see black dresses across the city in a heartbeat.  How's that for convenience?

For more great info, check out these links:

Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy browsing everything our great city has to offer!