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Buuuut there's just one problem -- we aren't open for shopping yet.  We're busy networking with local merchants, artisans, and crafters to fill browseYYC with cool stuff! Don't be left out -- sign up for our mailing list (below) or follow us on Facebook to find out exactly when we open.

And, if you love this idea like we do -- please help by spreading the word.  

You might just be our new best friend!

Because you are exactly who we need to get this show on the road!  Without great products up for sale, browseYYC is just ... well... empty.  Sparsely populated, at best.  Read on, friend -- all the information on this page is for you, as well as instructions in the "For Sellers" menu up above.  Please contact us, we're here to help.

Saving the city from boring gift cards!

Whether you are a restaurant, a spa, a stylist, or a retailer, or some other local business, we'd love to list your gift certificates in our Gift Card Emporium!  For this purpose, you would follow the typical Seller process to sign up -- please see instructions in our "For Sellers" menu, above.  However, the only products you would create are your gift cards.  Feel free to contact us for help getting started!

The "Shop Local, Online" Movement

Consumer spending is going up .. and up .... and up.  Shoppers express an increasing desire to support local businesses.  Why, then, are smaller businesses still losing market share?

One word: convenience.  In a go, go, go world, convenience speaks louder than most.  Browsing independent local shops is not particularly strong in this area ... parking is often an issue, business hours are limited, and there is no guarantee the shop even has what a customer is looking for.  Online shopping, on the other hand, offers 24-7 availability with no parking required.

Enter the "Shop Local, Online" movement ... where customers can experience the satisfaction of supporting local businesses, with the convenience of online shopping.  All on a beautiful, feature-rich marketplace website and mobile app ... for Calgary, that's browseYYC.

Retailers: A New School of Thought

First brick & mortar independent shops had to compete against big chain stores. Then small eCommerce shops had to begin competing against Amazon. 

 In both situations, the "small fish" (independent, local businesses) are each trying to fight the big guys as individuals. The stats show clearly who's winning (and it's not the hundreds of small businesses closing down, that's for sure).

 It's time for a new school of thought. Small fish, united, are a worthy opponent to any shark. Look out, Amazon -- the small fish are coming with browseYYC.

Get a storefront on browseYYC, for a manageable monthly fee.  Or simplify your bookkeeping by paying once per year, and save the equivalent of two months.

Free for All Sellers until December 31, $29/month thereafter

Try it Out Risk Free
with No Contract Terms

Technical support & marketing taken care of by browseYYC staff

Inventory Integration with other Platforms possible -- contact for more info

  • Get your own seller storefront within browseYYC, listing all of your products, customer reviews, and links to your social media profiles
  • Link directly to your seller storefront from your own website or Facebook, email communications, etc.  Request an easy-to-access URL ( to include on business cards and other promotional materials.
  • Have your products come up in search results alongside those of other retailers 
  • Get your store inventory in front of millions of shoppers who prefer the convenience of online shopping.
  • We take care of the technology and marketing -- you take care of your inventory and customer orders.
  • We charge a transaction fee of 2.7% + 30 cents USD per transaction -- this covers our costs to process and protect credit cards. We will NEVER take a commission on YOUR sale. We also provide the option for customers to shop directly with you by providing your contact information.

We ARE here to help

Are you a restaurant or service provider, rather than a retailer?

We'd still love to work with you -- you can help us save the city from boring box-store gift cards!  You can sign up as a seller (free for all of 2018), and create Gift Certificate products to be featured on our Calgary Gift Card Emporium.  Contact us for more information.

Have a Shopify store already?

Sync it up with our automated inventory sync app, so that your products, product pictures, and prices are all imported!  And your on-hand quantities are kept in sync, too.

Are you selling on Etsy?

If you have a large Etsy inventory, we have a variety of options to make your life easier -- whether you are choosing to migrate to browseYYC entirely, or maintain a storefront on both marketplaces with an automated sync of data. 

Want to connect with your point of sale?

If you have your inventory fully set up in an electronic point of sale (POS) system, there is a good chance we can make inventory upload to browseYYC a bit easier for you.  

Let's connect

The bottom line is, since browseYYC is built on the Shopify platform, chances are "there's an app" for that.  Whether you want to integrate with an existing webpage or social media page, connect inventory systems, or some other point of integration -- we can help make it happen.